British Buffet Ideas


After a brief conversation with it’s writer, I compiled a list to include as many British stereotypes, character traits, cultural references and of course food, about the United Kingdom. I didn’t include any Northern Irish traits, because of they generally seen as general Irish traits and I didn’t want to anger Irish people, who may think I was treating the Republic as part of the UK. I love Ireland and their people. My Scottish heritage is a kindred spirit to the Celtic Emerald Isle. Always our EQUAL, never our lesser or dominion. Peace Peace Love Love across the Irish Sea.

  • General British

    • Food

      • Bakewell Tarts

      • Worcestershire Sauce

      • Yorkshire Puddings

      • Pork Pies

      • Scotch Eggs

      • Birds Custard

      • Roast Meat

      • Tea

      • Chicken Tikka Missala

      • Fish and Chips

    • Character Traits

      • Stiff Upper Lip

      • Bulldog/Blitz Spirit

      • Emotionless (English Southerners)

      • Obsessed with Etiquette

      • Obsessed with Royalty

      • Nostalgic about anything and everything

    • Fashion

      • Punk (Vivienne Westwood)

      • Biba

      • Swinging Sixties

        • Carnarby Street

          • Lonsdale Gym

    • Cars

      • Mini

      • Morris Minor

      • Jaguar

  • Scotland

    • Kilts

    • Whisky

    • Salmon

    • Bagpipes

    • Tunnock’s Confectionery

    • Lock Ness Monster

    • Irn Bru

    • Drunks

    • Stingy

    • Inventive (Loads of Inventions)

    • Haggis

  • Wales

    • Daffodiles

    • A Nation of Singers

    • Male Voice Choirs

    • Leak Eaters

    • Sheep Shaggers

  • Northerners (England)

    • Love Pies

    • More Manufacturing

    • Friendlier

  • East Anglian

    • Mustard Farmers

    • Turnip Farmers

    • Incestuous

    • Extra fingers or toes, mainly because of the above.

So Many More, Like Black Cabs, Double Decker Buses, Mr Bean, and The Royal Mail.

And of course, our famously bad teeth.


But less said about Brexit the better. 😦 Sorry


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